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Share your story & help advocate for change
Stories like yours have been used throughout this pandemic to shine a light on the many areas where our governments and employers could do better, particularly regarding your health and safety at work.

If you share a story, we may choose to use it when communicating with media or government, but we won’t share your details unless you tick the box to say we can.

Your stories will be reviewed by Michelle or Ben, who are both practising clinicians, or a research assistant on our team. We have reviewed several hundred powerful stories already and truly appreciate your contribution to help promote improvement.

If you have any questions before sharing your story, please send us a note through the contact us page.

Sometimes when we share stories with the media, a journalist will ask whether they can contact the author directly to clarify details or find out more. Being contacted doesn’t mean you have to let them use your name – you may still ask to remain anonymous.